Partial Listing Of Recent Silver Lake Resident's Association Activities And Achievements

Planning and DevelopmentRec Center & Reservoir / Cleanup & Crime / Other

bullet Traffic control:

Two-way left turn lane on Hyperion Avenue in front of Trader Joe's.

Striped "jogging" path around Silver Lake Reservoir.

Stop signs at W. Silver Lake Dr. and Hawick, Kenilworth and Angus, W. Silver Lake Dr. and Angus.

Flashing yellow light at crosswalk at Van Pelt and Silver Lake Blvd.

Successfully petitioned for a traffic signal at Silver Lake Blvd and Duane St.

Double left turn lane on Glendale Blvd. and Fletcher.

Speed limit and curve warning signs at Moreno and Angus.

Active participation with the MTA on the Glendale Corridor Project. (Over $500,000 has been budgeted to help control commuter traffic that spills over from Glendale Blvd.).

bullet Planning and Development:

Helped develop the Community Plan for Silver Lake/Echo Park and will participate in up coming revisions.

Worked with Project New Hope to insure that a development on Teviot and Briar took into account community concerns. (Successfully fought to scale back a proposed 35 unit apartment building to 14 units before the property was sold to Project New Hope).

Participated in hearings on many proposed developments including the Corralitis property, the Canfield-Moreno Estate, Mr. Coffee on Riverside Drive, River Glen condominiums, and a Burger King on Glendale Blvd.

Continuously monitor zoning and planning applications that could affect Silver Lake.
Monitoring changes in local ordinances that affect the quality of life (leaf blower, home occupation, and proposal to allow parking on front lawns).

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bullet Recreation Center:

Active participation with Recreation and Parks and Council Office to achieve with a building design that is esthetically pleasing and meets the diverse community needs.

Participated in architectural and construction review and mitigation plan of the new building and landscaping plan.

bullet Reservoir:

Joined coalition to fight initial DWP proposals to cover reservoir.

Helped get historical monument designation for Silver Lake and Ivanhoe Reservoirs.

Helped devise construction mitigation plan during the re-lining of the Ivanhoe Reservoir.

Ongoing participation in 5+ year mediation effort with the DWP and other community groups.

Working with the DWP on a Master Plan for the Silver Lake Reservoir complex.

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bullet Cleanup:

Organized or co-sponsored many cleanups and graffiti paint-outs.

Participated in tree plantings on Riverside Drive and Sunset Blvd.

Removed over 1,500 signs from telephone poles and fences.

Active sponsorship for Adopt-A-Can program in Silver Lake.

Aggressive, ongoing campaign to remove abandoned furniture and cars.

bullet Crime:

Evaluated several private security patrol services before recommending Protection One to local residents.

Developing Victims Handbook.

Active participation with LAPD Community-based policing ( work with Silver Lake Community LAPD Outpost, CPAB, and frequent meeting with LAPD Senior Lead Officers).

bullet Other:

Helped sponsor student groups at John Marshall High School.

Supported fund-raising efforts for the newly-formed Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce.

Conduct community meetings on crime, traffic, "state of the district."

Hosted candidate forums for City Council, State Assembly, and City Charter Commission offices.

Publish a Newsletter (3 per year) and send out special mailings/announcements.

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