Silver Lake Architecture

Between the 1920s and 1930s, developers were encouraged to build by the City and silent film star Antonio Moreno was one of the more well known developers.  His development, the Moreno Highlands, was modeled after Mediterranean villages.  His home, the  Canfield-Moreno Estate, set the architectural theme for many of the houses on the west side of the reservoir.  

Architects such as Neutra, Schindler, Lautner, Wright, Ain, to name a few, were commissioned to build residences between the 1930s and 1950s. Many of these architects created avant garde buildings, but Spanish Mediterranean, with stucco, arches, and roof tiles, is the primary style. 



Canfield-Moreno Estate


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View_of_Micheltorena_Hill.JPG (48881 bytes)

View of Micheltorena Hill (Moreno Highlands)

Moreno_Estate3.JPG (82365 bytes)

Front entrance

Moreno_Estate_Doorway.JPG (46283 bytes)Moreno_ Estate2.JPG (46031 bytes)

Moreno_Estate1.JPG (56586 bytes)

Swimming pool in back

Moreno_Estate_Fountain.JPG (89522 bytes)

Fountain in the garden

Moreno_Estate_Grounds.JPG (71544 bytes)

One of the guest houses on the estate.

View of downtown Los Angeles from the estate Moreno_Estate_view_of_downtown.JPG (45539 bytes)


Eltinge House


Eltinge_Estate_(1917).JPG (45896 bytes)

Photo showing Eltinge House under constructioin

Eltinge_Estate_Today.JPG (41472 bytes)

Eltinge House from W. Silver Lake Drive (Cove Avenue is on the left)--(circa 1989)

view_from_Eltinge Estate.JPG (38533 bytes)

View of Silver Lake Reservoir from Eltinge House (looking east)

Eltinge_Estate_Fountain.JPG (53241 bytes)

Fountain in garden

Eltinge_Estate_Garden_looking_to_reservoir_(1917).JPG (58314 bytes)

Looking down on Eltinge House gardens.  The Silver Lake Reservoir is at teh top of the photo. Note the black smoke stack from a pumping station at the edge of the reservoir (upper left side of photo)


Hathaway Estate  


Hathaway_House2.JPG (83552 bytes) Hathaway_House.JPG (67828 bytes)




Silvertop (photo shows Silvertop with curved driveway going past tennis courts) SilverLake showing Silvertop(1998--David Kalwitz).jpg (610774 bytes)