Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoirs

CSSLR is the Committee to Save Silver Lake's Reservoir. Formed in late 1988 and incorporated as a nonprofit public benefit corporation in 1989, the Committee is a single issue citizen's group established to preserve and enhance the historical, aesthetic, ecological and recreational benefits of Silver Lake's open was reservoirs.

The Committee is dedicated to informing the community about reservoir-related news and issues through its newsletter Making Waves. As well, the Committee sponsors community meetings on an as-needed basis to provide forums for residents to become involved in decisions affecting the reservoirs.

The current focus of the Committee is the development of a reservoir "master plan" in conjunction with the Department of Water and Power and other concerned city agencies. The master plan will address expanding the recreational benefits of the area surrounding the Silver Lake reservoirs, renovation of existing facilities, upgrading security and public safety and other issue relevant to the community.

The Committee, which operates strictly on volunteer labor, has several standing sub-committees, including Events, Public Relations and Government Relations.

The community residents who coordinate the Committee activities could use your help in these areas. Especially needed are those with backgrounds in graphic design, event planning, public relations, grant writing and urban planning. Please contact us at (213) 612-5271.


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