Gateway to Silver Lake 2000 
(GSL 2000)

Plans "Before" Photos of the Site Work in Progress
The Gateway to Silver Lake 2000 project, or GSL 2000 as we lovingly call it, is a plan to rehabilitate the landscaping and add art work to the long-neglected and abused intersection of the Hollywood Freeway and Silver Lake boulevard from London St. to the north and Temple St. to the south. This is one of several entrances or "gateways" into our Silver Lake community. GSL 2000 was formed by members of the Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA), Silver Lake Residents Association (SLRA), and the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce. 

If you want more information or would like to make a $ donation or help with the project, call the GSL-2000 Hotline at (323)228-9599.

  • July, 2001--

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit against the various Silver Lake  organizations named in the wrongful death lawsuit have agreed to dismiss the lawsuit altogether given that the defendants do not ask for legal fees.  That is GREAT NEWS!

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GSL 2000 Plans

Freeway_Overview (sketch).jpg Sketch of Hollywood Freeway off-ramps and Silver Lake Blvd.

(by Harry Otto)

SLB at Temple looking north (sketch).jpg Pedestrian access to Temple Street (see "before" photo)

(by Harry Otto)

SLB and Freeway Looking North (sketch).jpg Silver Lake Blvd and Freeway looking north

(by Harry Otto)


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"Before" Photos of the GSL 2000 Site

Photos provided by Harry Otto

Freeway_Off_Ramp_2.jpg (63640 bytes)

Hollywood Freeway off-ramp on west side of Silver Lake Blvd

Freeway_Off_Ramp.JPG (61133 bytes) Hollywood Freeway off-ramp on east side of Silver Lake Blvd
SLB at Hollywood Freeway looking north.JPG Looking north on Silver Lake Blvd at the freeway overpass Median on SLB and Hollywood Freeway (looking north).jpg (61685 bytes) Concrete median on Silver Lake Blvd (looking north)
Temple Bridge at SLB (before).jpg (62608 bytes)
Pedestrian access to Temple Street (see sketch)
GSL 2000 inspection.JPG Embankment on east side of Silver Lake Blvd

GSL2000 volunteers inspecting the embankment at the Temple Street Bridge over Silver Lake Blvd

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Work in Progress

photos provided by Christie Moore

GSL 2000 meeting 1.JPG GSL 2000 meeting 2.jpg (53522 bytes)
GSL2000 planning meeting--where are the shovels?

GSL 2000 Median demolition.JPG
Breaking up is
so hard to do!

GSL 2000 Planting 1.jpg
Hi hoe, hi hoe,
it's off to work
we go....

GSL 2000 Planting 4.jpg
These shoes were made for walking.

GSL 2000 Planting 8.jpg (89657 bytes)
The last step !
GSL_2000_Planting_7sm.jpg (137267 bytes)
Three of a kind.

Vince hard
at work.


GSL 2000 Tree Planting.JPG
Didn't someone
already do this
with a flag?

GSL 2000 Planting 5.jpg (124283 bytes)
Gettin' down
& dirty.

GSL 2000 Planting 2.jpg (109733 bytes)
Where's that backhoe?

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