Real Estate Flyers

These old real estate flyers announce lots and prices for the Silver Lake Area
from as early as 1887. Click each picture to see a closer view.

Ivanhoe Price List 1 (1887).JPG (53159 bytes)


bulletFront cover of 1887 flyer advertising lots in the Ivanhoe area outside of Los Angeles. After the Silver Lake Reservoir was built, the area came to be known as Silver Lake.
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bulletSecond page of 1887 flyer. A whole block can be had for a mere $400!
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bulletReal estate flyer circa late 1920s advertising lots in "Silver Lake Terrace." The sketch shows the Danzinger home as seen from the development.
Silver Lake Terrace 2 (1920s).JPG (72523 bytes) 
bulletMap from Silver Lake Terrace flyer showing the development just below the dam at the southern end of the Silver Lake Reservoir. The rest of the flyer is too faint to reproduce on this web site, but some of the statements quoted from the flyer are still valid today:
bullet""Where have I been that I did not know of this beautiful locality?' is the question that comes involuntarily from scores of people who visit Silver Lake Terrace."
bullet"Skilled engineers and landscape artists have located the drives, parkings, boulevards and hillside homesites, preparatory to making it one of the most beautiful residential sections in Los Angeles."
bullet"Build here and you will be assured of a quiet, restful home place just around the corner from the city's busiest section and a community of homes of the best character."


Moreno Highlands Ad (1927).JPG (248510 bytes)
bulletMoreno Highlands newspaper advertisement placed in May, 1927 by Strong and Dickinson in the Evening Herald.  The Birthday Party box invites the public to a celebration in their Model Home on May 8th.  It features a birthday cake prepared by Young's Market Co. and Maxwell House coffee.  The Model Home features furniture by Russell-Pierce Furniture Co., Awnings by Swanfeldt Tent and Awning Co. and etchings and paintings by Wilson Silaby.
Elysian Gardens and Hunter Terrace developments near Riverside Drive and Allesandro Street.  The developments are near the old Edendale Electric Car right-of-way.  The developments are just 20 minutes from downtown Los Angeles by street car.  The fare then was just 6 cents.
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