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Silver Lake has changed dramatically in the past 100 years. The photographs on these pages reflect that change.  Also, the housing density is very apparent in the aerial photograph section. Please choose a category to view photos from that topic or time.

1906 Panorama
The Reservoirs

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Aerial Views
The Neighborhood
Red Car Lines
Construction of Reservoir, 1930 Workmen at  the construction of the reservoir in the 1930s. 
Snow in Silver Lake, Winter, 1951 Snow in Silver Lake, 
    January, 1949
Snow in Silver Lake, Winter, 1951
Silver Lake drained, 1951 Silver Lake Reservoir was drained in 1951 to replace a 36-inch bypass line with a 60 inch line and pave the sides to minimize erosion and minimize plant growth. This is a view of the empty reservoir.
Silver Lake, laying new water main, 1951 Laying new water main when reservoir was drained in 1951.
Ivanhoe Reservoir with Cover, Silver Lake View looking east showing Ivanhoe Reservoir with cover.  Silver Lake Reservoir is to the left. The cover consisted of a wood frame with black roofing material.
West Looking View of Silver Lake, 1999 View looking west from a boat in Silver Lake Reservoir.  Note the Lautner-designed house Silvertop on the crest of the hill, 1999.


Red Car Line

The term "red car" or "big red car" was a nickname for the Pacific Electric Railway Company's passenger service.  

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Red Car Line near Riverside and Fletcher, 1940


Red Car Line near Riverside and  Fletcher. The cars were delivered new in December 1940 and the car pictured can be dated to between early 1941 and mid 1952 when a noticeably different paint scheme was applied. (photo courtesy Jim Bonar) 


Red Car Line at Fletcher Drive in Silver Lake Outbound car to Glendale-Burbank; probably the local car to Edendale. No date. (photo courtesy Jim Bonar)

Red Car Line on Fletcher Drive in Silver Lake, California


DWP building at Riverside and Fletcher.  The Red Car Line station is to the right. When Fletcher Drive was opened through to Riverside Drive in 1928, the Pacific Electric's trestle had to be modified into a bridge at that time. In 1955 when the line had been abandoned, the steel center section added in 1928 was taken to West Los Angeles and used to cross Beverly Glen Boulevard in the right of way between little and big Santa Monica Boulevards. Circa 1930s (photo courtesy DWP)


Steps at Fletcher and Riverside, 1930 The steps probably lead to the front porch of a private home overlooking Glendale Boulevard. A rail line can be seen by the side of the road below. The Glendale- Burbank line ran through Edendale. (see The Southern California Traction Review) Silver Lake's primary streetcar service was on Sunset Boulevard. The power substation built by predecessor Los Angeles Pacific Railway still stands today at Sunset & Occidental. Circa 1930s. (photo courtesy DWP)


Additional information on the Red Car Lines is from John Heller, VP of The Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California. (www.erha.org/)

If you have any historic photographs of Silver Lake, please contact Spencer L. SooHoo at soohoo@silverlake.org.

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