Historic Photos of Movie Studios

The area of Silver Lake on Glendale Blvd starting at Rowena and extending down into the Echo Park area near Sunset Blvd was known as Edendale.  It was home to the early Sennett and Keystone silent movie studios. 

1906 Panorama
The Reservoirs

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Aerial Views
The Neighborhood
Red Car Lines
Mac Sennett Studios, Silver Lake, California Mack Sennett Studios  (Sennett and Keystone studio history)
cut away house in Silver Lake Cut-Away House at studio.  
(This a photo of a photo and the original is skewed to one side)
Part of a group photograph in front of the Mack Sennett Studio
Second part of the group photo
Part of the "backlot" of the Mack Sennett Studio
slimwhitaker.jpg (109050 bytes) From a collection of photos owned by Charles "Slim" Whitaker (Cowboy/Actor). Date unknown. 
Keystone Movie Studios in Silver Lake Front of the Keystone Movie Studios (Sennett and Keystone studio history)
The Mack Sennett Studios spanned both sides of Glendale Blvd. 
"Cyclorama"  at the Mack Sennett Studio--The landscape was painted on a cylinder that revolved while the actors ran in place and create the illusion that they were moving across the landscape.
Vitagraph Studios, Talmadge Avenue, 1928 Vitagraph Studios  on Talmadge, (ABC today) October 13, 1928.
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Disney Studios in Silver Lake, Disney Studios, aerial view at Griffith Park and Hyperion, date unknown 
disney_mayfair.jpg (56286 bytes) Disney Studio at Griffith Park and Hyperion, date unknown. Marshall High School can be seen in the background. (photo courtesy of Ken Winnick) 
disney.jpg (32527 bytes) Close-up view of Disney Studios at Griffith Park and Hyperion, 1930s (where the Mayfair is now located)
FoxStudios.JPG (52739 bytes) Fox Studios
cowboy and family.JPG (70856 bytes) Silent Movie Cowboy (unknown)
Vitagraph-filming1(800x600).jpg (49405 bytes) Vitagraph Film Crew

Photo courtesy of Sven (Robert Monroe's grandson)

RobertMonroeVitagraph.jpg (112246 bytes) Robert Monroe (one with knickers on in the middle) was a director for Vitagraph

Photo courtesy of Sven (Robert Monroe's grandson)




The Three Stooges in "An Ache in Every Stake" filmed in 1941.  The stairs are just off of Cove Avenue.  Other photos of the stairs

Photo courtesy of Jerry Amaro


  Laurl and Hardy in the "Music Box Steps"

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